Let's talk about PVE home elevator maintenance

16 July, 2021

A common presumption is to think about how laborious and expensive the elevator’s maintenance must be and even more if it’s the one that we want to install at home. Nothing is further from reality…

First of all you have to understand the differences between a conventional elevator and a PVE pneumatic elevator. They are fundamentally distinguished by their speed and the periodicity of their maintenance.

Pneumatic lifts belong to the reduced speed group so their maintenance takes place every four months. However, elevators with speeds greater than 0.15 m/s traditional elevators, require a monthly review.

Thanks to the simplicity of our Vacuum technology which uses only the power of air to raise the elevator car we can define its maintenance as fast, easy, clean and efficient.

The maintenance of a PVE pneumatic elevator does not need machines and parts susceptible to wear such as pulleys, cables, counterweights, etc. It does not require works to create a machine room and pits. It is an efficient and sustainable process because all the necessary products are eco-friendly.

During the routine review of your PVE elevator our specialists will carry out all the necessary tests to guarantee the proper functioning of your HomeLift. As you can see we are talking about simple, easy, fast and low-cost maintenance.

If you want to receive more information do not hesitate to contact us by writing to info@vacuumelevators.eu or by filling in the contact form where we will assist you as soon as possible.

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