Save energy and money with a pneumatic elevator

14 September, 2021

Single-family pneumatic elevators are designed to provide safety, functionality and comfort for at home but another important characteristic is their price and significant savings. Installing an elevator at the home has always been considered a luxury that few could afford but thanks to PVE's pneumatic vacuum elevators this is more accessible than ever.

Our elevators are shaped by a vertical duct made of the most resistant materials, a cabin in which users will move by the power of the air pressure that is created to raise the cabin.

How to save energy with PVE?

By installing an elevator at home the biggest doubt about it is the energy expenditure at home because of the elevator use; will it be profitable? How much will my electricity bill increase?

Electricity consumption is almost zero and this is one of the biggest innovations and advantages of pneumatic elevators. Does not need three-phase power and also consume less electricity than any other appliance you can have; how is it possible? Thanks to pneumatic and air force which combined allow elevator’s operation.

Pneumatic elevators require a single-phase electric service of 220 volts for their operation. By not needing harmful oils, gases or lubricants PVE elevators are considered ecological. Using gravity to go down electricity is only used to go up ensuring a nominal impact on your annual electric bill.

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