Pneumatic lifts vs Traditional lifts

17 August, 2021

Pneumatic lifts vs Traditional lifts

Single-family pneumatic lifts share many characteristics with traditional ones but they also differ in many more elements that make pneumatic elevators a more modern and innovative transport, with less maintenance and maintenance costs, as well as providing more environmental and individual benefits.

Pneumatic elevators are totally ecological thanks to their technology powered by air. Due to its composition the expenditure of materials is reduced. Energy expenditure is almost zero. Traditional elevators on the other hand needs engines and for their operation and their energy expenditure every time it is used is very high.

Installation of pneumatic elevators is very simple and does not require more than 72 hours to perform it unlike traditional ones whose work is much heavier and longer because it takes pits and an engine room. A very expensive and labor-intensive procedure.

Traditional home elevators have always been a luxury that few could afford. Single-family pneumatic lifts are much cheaper than the rest. Costs are reduced in the installation, in the materials and in the saving of energy, the price of pneumatic elevator makes it more accessible to a greater number of people.

Pneumatic elevators advanced safety mechanism is not owned by traditional elevators so in an emergency these can be blocked between two floors. In case of energy failure pneumatic elevator does not get stuck between two floors. The cabin descends gently to the lower floor where the doors will open.

Pneumatic elevators design is very attractive and modern as well as functional. Panoramic and transparent makes them elegant and combine with the style of any home.

On the other hand pneumatic lifts are adapted to people's needs. PVE pneumatic elevators have models for one, two or three people. For someone with reduced mobility or some type of disability this elevator is adapted to their needs. Traditional ones are not so personalized and may not be so efficient and safe in these cases.

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