Why Are Our Residential Elevators So Efficient?

8 February, 2015

Why Are Our Residential Elevators So Efficient?

Why Are Our Residential Elevators So Efficient?

MG_3680-copiaPower management is a major cause for concern in the average household. With energy costs rising and the weather turning seemingly more extreme every year, thousands of families are trying to find ways to make their homes more energy efficient. If you’ve found yourself in a situation that requires the addition of a residential elevator to your home, you’re probably more than a little worried about how that lift will impact your monthly power bill.

PVE’s pneumatic elevators are exceptionally efficient, using only a fraction of the power required by traditional lift solutions. Here’s why:

Air Does the Work

The rising and falling of the lift in the shaft is controlled by air pressure in a PVE elevator. Instead of having to move massive counterweights and drag the lift up and down, the shaft creates differences in air pressure that cause the lift to rise or descend. The ascent requires the most power, descents require almost none. Even if ascending required the same amount of power as a normal lift (it doesn’t), you’d still be using half as much power with one of our lifts.

Efficient Designs

Consider this: Our largest standard residential elevator, the PVE52, is capable of lifting three passengers (238kg total) up to four stops or 10.5 m. To accomplish this feat, the PVE52 requires only 220V, 35 amp, single-phase service power. Imagine what a normal lift might require to move the same amount of weight, especially with the lift and counterweights included.

A pneumatic vacuum elevator from PVE is more than aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced — it’s a sound investment in a more efficient and affordable future. You won’t see an enormous spike in your energy bill after installing a PVE elevator and you won’t end up paying thousands on yearly maintenance. PVE is committed to delivering the most advanced and efficient elevators on the market, plain and simple. For more information or inquiries please visit www.vacuumelevators.eu or contact us at +34 91 886 75 39.

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