Why install a home lift in your home?

27 September, 2014

Why install a home lift in your home?

Installing an elevator in your home is an important decision that has many aspects to take into consideration. Ultimately, this decision has two major advantages: convenience/ quality of life for the owner and appreciation of the value of the home.

Install a home lift in your home

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right elevator in your home. Some of the main issues with traditional lifts are the fact that they take up a substantial amount of space in the home and that the construction process is very long and typically present many challenges. Fortunately, PVE has developed a product that removes the headache and hassle of traditional lifts, and it is our Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators.

PVE is the manufacturer of pneumatic vacuum elevators, and among its many advantages is its easy to install as it requires no pit and placed directly on the existing floor. In less than 48 hours this home lift is ready for use as there is no shaft construction required.

With the arrival of this home lift to market, incorporating an elevator into a house has become very easy and in most cases inexpensive to install a vacuum elevator. There are families who may need it because one of its members is elderly or disabled person, but there are other families that include it to improve their quality of life and wellbeing.

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Installing an elevator in your home has never been easier than with one of our air driven elevators, and the process to do so is even easier. With models ranging from a one to three passenger, wheelchair accesible elevator, vacuum elevators not only lift passengers, but also help with the day to day chores of groceries, suitcases, etc. It is the perfect solution for aging in place!

PVE elevators have a very attractive design. Circular, panoramic and fabricated in aluminum, making the design compete only with its functionality.

Another great advantage of this type of home lift is that they are classified as ecofriendly as they work by air, and do not use any type of contaminents.

Removing the need for the use of ropes and pulleys to operate, its energy consumption is low ascending and almost zero in the descent; further maintenance is much easier and cheaper than conventional elevators, so many users consider it more as a home appliance.

There are many significant benefits of our Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators and if you want more information please contact us at +34 91 886 75 39, or by email info@vacuumelevators.eu .We will contact you as soon as possible.

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