Benefits of Vacuum Elevators

21 November, 2014

Benefits of Vacuum Elevators

Modern technology has given rise to a new type of home elevator that doesn’t require heavy construction, constant maintenance, or exorbitant costs. PVE’s line of vacuum elevators is designed to give you all of the vertical mobility you need with far less hassle than a traditional lift solution. However, because the technology is so new we understand that many customers have questions about how our lifts work and why they’re the best option for an in-home install.

With that in mind, here’s a quick look at some of the benefits to choosing pneumatic vacuum elevator technology:

Size and Scope

small vacuum elevator pve30Vacuum elevators are self-supporting and take up only as much space as the elevator shaft. There’s no extra machine room, no heavy equipment, and no need for dramatic remodeling of your home. As far as home elevators go, vacuum elevators provide the most utility with the smallest footprint.

Low Maintenance

Our vacuum elevators don’t require frequent maintenance or the storage of hazardous chemicals. PVE’s lifts need attention only once every four to five years or every 15,000 rides. You’re not going to find that kind of consistency or durability in a traditional elevator. Additionally, the maintenance our elevators require is just a quick replacement of the main seal — nothing fancy or complicated.

Quick Setup and Flexibility

Most of our elevator installs are completed in fewer than three days. If you decide to sell your home and move to a new location, your vacuum elevator can easily be uninstalled and relocated. Thus, a vacuum elevator is an investment that doesn’t necessarily have to be static. It’s also worth noting that high-end technology like a vacuum elevator increases the resell value of your home.

Our vacuum elevators are designed to capitalize on the best technology and design available to give you an attractive, efficient, and safe lift solution.

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