PVE is the world leader in the design and manufacture of pneumatic vacuum residential elevators. As an industry trendsetter and a technology innovator, we understand that new advances in technology always come with questions; one of the most common questions we hear about our high-tech pneumatic elevators is, “Are they safe?” We hear it at trade shows, we hear it from clients, and we hear it in our email inbox when someone is curious about our technology. The short answer is that yes, our pneumatic vacuum elevators are 100 percent safe. But here are more details that might help you better understand the basics of the design which help ensure your safety while riding our lifts:

Air Pressure Protection 

The first safety principle comes from the way in which our residential elevators work. Because the lift effect is created by the removal of air above the lift car, there is always a pocket of air below the car. In the event that the elevator loses power, the air below the car forms a cushion that allows the car to descend safely to the ground level. Unlike a traditional elevator suspended by cables, there’s no risk of a freefall.

Emergency Backup

Despite the fact that the design of the lift ensures the car always descends safely during a power loss or other failure, we’ve added a second level of security just to be sure. All PVE elevators have a fully functional mechanical brake system in place that will stop the car in the event that the air pressure is somehow compromised. In short, each lift has several layers of safety protection designed to keep you safe.

What is the right type of installation to your home or business?

Vacuum elevators are conceived and designed to contribute to the comfort of your home or business from the time of acquisition. For easy installation, within a maximum period of three days and without works, also it contributes the variety of formats that streamline the entire process. Vacuum elevators are installed in two different formats depending on the characteristics of the place where service is requested.


The head format is ideal for homes or businesses that feature high on the top floor, a minimum of 2700 mm. This is because the vacuum system in the header format is in the top of the lift.

In addition, as data of interest and as a clear advantage, it is inside the electrical box, and to install, it is only necessary to connect it to a 220v outlet.


This format is suitable for homes or businesses where the top floor has a height less than 2700 mm or when you want to install in a separate place to the place of installation of the lift, and a terrace. This is its main advantage, its versatility, it is because the vacuum system is located within a split box that can be installed up to 10 meters from the top of the elevator.
Your control panel can be installed externally, although there is the possibility of placing a “false head” in which I locate and PVC tubes are connected necessary.

5 Reasons For Installing a Pneumatic Home Lift in your residence

In the past, home elevators were usually regarded as luxury products for the rich. However, in recent years things have changed greatly. As the cost of home elevators have fallen, the idea of installing one in your family home may have crossed your mind. In this article, we share some of the benefits of a home elevator.

Increased mobility

First and foremost, improved mobility is the most obvious benefit from installing an elevator in your residence. Disabled and elderly family members will enjoy a much better quality of life while visitors will appreciate the added convenience.



More efficient use of space

Compared to a stairwell, an elevator represents more efficient usage of available space. You will be able to use this increased space as you see fit, thereby improving the overall utility of your home.



It is an unfortunate reality that falls from stairs represent a major cause of accidents at home, particularly among the more frail members of society. The simple fact is that there is virtually no risk involved using a home elevator; specifically a pneumatic vacuum elevator, the revolutionary home elevator that anyone of any age can safely use and operate.


Allows you to stay independent

As you get older, you may find yourself less mobile and weaker than you had expected to be. Installing a vacuum elevator will allow one to maintain his or her independence well into their old age. A wise investment indeed!



Value-adding for prospective house buyers

Many buyers will be impressed with a pre-installed elevator in a house they are considering. There is no doubt that a home elevator adds value to the price of your home.

The world’s smallest pneumatic lift PVE30

Are you looking for an elevator for your home or business? Do you think that the space can be a problem? It is not. There is an alternative and it is a pneumatic lift PVE30, the world’s smallest residential elevator. This lift has been specially conceived and designed to be installed in places where they could not install other domestic elevator, either pneumatic or traditional. Thus, it becomes ideal for homes, houses or any other place where use of space is essential alternative.

The pneumatic lift PVE30 consists of three vertical columns of aluminum and is available in five different colors to suit all likes. In addition, the walls of transparent polycarbonate allow full visibility of 360 degrees, so it will not generate sense of enclosure. It is for the claustrophobic but also for lovers of design and functionality.

The outer diameter of the cylinder of the lift is 750 mm, weighs 150 kilos and a maximum load of 159 kilos, which can accommodate one person. The gate width is 508mm, the inner diameter of the cabin between columns is 560 mm without columns 640 mm, while the inner height of the cabin is 2007 mm. Furthermore, the door height is 1970 mm and has a configuration in line 0 and an opening aligned in the same direction: hinge right – left handle from outside the cab. In this case, the upper door is closed height of 2020 mm.

As with all our elevators do not require pit so the ground floor must be perfectly level, and not require a machine room. In addition, the minimum height required on the top floor in head format is 2700mm and 2450mm Split format. However, drilling through the installation required to manufacture is only 810mm.

In addition to its size, this small lift out for many more qualities that make your life and your family more comfortable. It is undoubtedly a practical measure and an investment for the future.

Speed ​​of 9 m / min to 15 cm / sec, with an engine power of 3kW. Only it requires a 220V power – 60 / 50Hz – 25Amp and has an electronic command and control circuit 24V. It also has a LED lighting and automatic ventilation.

And another advantage is to have a phone in the cabin, in case there is an emergency. However, this is rare because the pneumatic lift PVE 30 is also the smallest, is the safest in the world. It has an overload relief valve, low voltage cabin, panic and, if power failure, the cabin slowly descends to ground floor. Moreover, in case of free fall or overspeed emergency brake block the cabin during the first 5 cm throw.

Of course, all these measures are supported by the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC and have the CE Certification. And if something goes wrong, PVE ensures a guarantee of two years after installation.

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How is the maintenance of a pneumatic lift?

Many customers ask us which is keeping our detached tires elevators. Many come with the false belief that it will be complex and expensive. Nothing could be further from the truth. And we explained why.

Differences with a conventional elevator

First, you must understand the differences between a conventional elevator and a pneumatic lift PVE. They are distinguished mainly by its speed and frequency of maintenance.
The airlift belong to the reduced speed, so that its maintenance takes place every 4 months.

owever, the lifts exceeding 0.15 m / s speed, traditional elevators require a monthly review.
Therefore, conventional elevators are not the most suitable for a normal family, because its cuts would amount to stratospheric numbers to which an added cost to meet numerous requirements for the works for the space they need at different would add levels.

However, thanks to the simplicity of our vacuum technology, which uses only the power of air to lift the elevator maintenance can be defined as: fast, easy, clean and efficient.
Fast because lack of machinery and parts susceptible to wear as pulleys, cables, counterweights, etc. Easy and clean because it requires not perform works to create a machine room and moats, and thanks to its self-supporting structure is installed directly on the floor of your home. And efficient for all this, but also because it is a medium that does not harm the environment because it works with the force of air.

Maintenance specialists PVE

Our specialists during the routine check, perform all necessary tests that you guarantee the proper functioning of our detached elevators.

During a routine maintenance check tire lift, the specialist will perform all the necessary checks to ensure the smooth operation of the lift. It will pay particular attention to the cleanliness of the product, because when installed on the existing floor and be a cylinder with transparent panels, it is vital for the proper functioning.

You see, simple, easy, fast and at low cost.

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What is the pneumatics force?

The word pneuma air comes from Greek, meaning “air”. Currently it serves to define the technology used compressed air to transmit power needed to move and operate mechanisms.

Air is a very elastic material by applying a given force is compressed. It maintains that compression and returns the energy stored when opening the cavity which allows it to spread.

What advantages does the air force in our house lifts?

  • Protect the environment.
  • As an understandable fluid itself absorbs much of the energy.
  • The fact that our elevators are plugged as an appliance, with little use of electrical energy, reducing consumption and therefore spending.
  • The pneumatic energy can be stored and can be used in case of power failure.
  • Because our elevators do not require engine room, its installation is much faster and do not require pit. You can place up to 72 hours.
  • The technology allows for a sleek, modern design

The pneumatic energy, the future?

Of course. And the present.

PVE Europe has sales offices and authorized throughout the national territory and more than 160 dealers worldwide tires elevator installers.

Currently their detached tire lifts are sold in over 100 countries and has installed over 7,000 of them worldwide. This can only mean one thing. We are growing because the volume of demand is satisfied with our services, we recommend us. In addition, little by little are emerging more studies supporting the advantages presented. It is growing information about it because it’s interesting, functional, and adds value to every home and quality of life of customers.

PVE, added value to your home

More and more residential homes with several floors. In many of them you have to climb up 100 steps to get to the bedroom area, which makes our life a little heavier, especially at a certain age or people with disabilities. A pneumatic vacuum elevator is the ideal solution to this situation. But, why vacuum? Because it is a way to further add value to your home. Its design is avant-garde, the materials are of the highest technology and there is no need to install special booths for the engine room or digging a pit in the ground.

The appearance of the elevator is impressive. Transparent circular design, made of aluminum and polycarbonate, fits and classic interiors with modern. In fact, in addition to residential houses, we can find in large old houses and luxury boats.

Its installation does not require a great work of reform, since they do not have to drill into the ground or put a specific room to the elevator motor with low noise level. Simply, every section of pipe is attached with powerful special glues and gathers paintings based on local needs are installed. If it is not a particularly complicated place, it installs in one day and the maximum insured installation is 3 days.

The price depends on the customizations that require home and the client, but a pneumatic elevator is cheaper than a conventional elevator. Maintenance is identical in both, because it is regulated by the current European legislation, but the vacuum elevator works with the air force its parts are not exposed to wear and saves. Do not use any type of polluting oils, fats and pulleys to its operation and its energy consumption is minimal in the ascent and descent.

Regarding safety, they feature a dual braking system. If have a problem, as a cut in the electricity supply, the lift PVE elevator descends gently to the ground floor for releasing the passenger.

In short, the lifts PVE provide solutions to all these problems related to space, time and charge, becoming an added value to your home, fostering appreciation of it by its aesthetics and functionality, and also providing a value their quality of life by making it easier and convenient.

An innovative, simple and efficient mechanism

Our Pneumatic vacuum elevators are the best guarantee for houses, and this is no accident. Its technology, unique in the world, ensures the safety, environmental protection and comfort of the tenants. Its mechanism is, in short, innovative, simple and efficient.
It operates under the principles of pneumatics and vacuum. The pneumatics is technology that uses air to transmit the necessary energy to run certain mechanisms; and vacuum is generated in a hole closed when air pressure is less than atmospheric.
But how these principles combine to operate the pneumatic lift? It is as simple to understand as a simple mechanism.
This residential elevator by vacuum is a circular lift formed by a vertical cylindrical conduit and a cab which moves inside it.
For the elevation period of the domestic lifts, the vacuum system draws air from the interior of the vertical cylinder. What it does is create pressure differences between air and low pressure zone located above the cab. While this happens, inside the cylinder, enters a column of air through perforations in the lower part of the walls of the elevator.
For the descent of the vacuum elevator, a valve controlling the cylinder air intake pressure and restores. Thus, the cabin descends slowly with low energy consumption.
All pneumatic vacuum lifts have the same format? No, there are two different formats of home lifts.
1) Pneumatic head Format
This model is ideal for homes with a top floor high-rise, because your vacuum system is located at the top of the lift cylinder. One advantage is that the electric box is inside and, therefore, to install just plug it into a socket 220v.
2) Split Format
In this format the vacuum system is located inside a split box, as its name implies, that can be installed 10 meters above the top of the elevator. For installation are necessary tubes of 110 mm diameter PVC connecting Split with the top of the cylinder
In short, are elevators without pits and no elevators require works. Of vacuum lifts are the perfect home elevator.

Why A Pneumatic Home Elevator is A Worthwhile Investment

pneumatic_home_elevatorOne of the most popular building trends today is the addition of a home elevator to one’s place of residence. Ask anyone who has taken advantage of this technology and they will tell you that they wonder why they have waited so long to realize what a convenience a home elevator has been to their lives. However, it is not a traditional run-of-the-mill home elevator that people will be raving about, but, instead, the pneumatic vacuum elevator.

Homeowners across the world are discovering that pneumatic home elevators are affordable, dependable, and sleek additions to any residence. In addition, they pay handsome dividends if a homeowner decides to sell his home at a later date. Without a doubt, the addition of a pneumatic vacuum elevator to any home is a worthwhile investment for the present as well as the future.

There was a time when adding an elevator to one’s home was fraught with difficulties and inconvenience. Home elevators were primarily forced upon homeowners due to the illness of a family member, or some other unavoidable reason. Since most people did not have the luxury of moving into a home with an elevator already built into it, they would need to disrupt the order of their residence and, usually, dig underneath the house to place the necessary mechanical structure for an elevator. Now a pneumatic elevator can be placed conveniently and easily within a home without the trouble of constructing anything additional to the house.

A vacuum elevator can be added to any multi-level home by simply placing its transparent pneumatic cylinder between floors. The cylinder is self-supporting and contains the elevator car and the suction assembly that controls it. Pneumatic home elevators are durable, yet portable. This portability allows homeowners to safely and quickly remove the elevator in the event they move and want to bring it with them to their new house. However, it is also a wise investment, in that it will boost the selling price of one’s home upon selling it. Since the average homebuyer is someone who will be mature and may be looking to the future, the accessibility features of a home elevator could prove indispensable for them.

Installing a pneumatic home elevator is also a good investment where old school home elevators are not. Aside from not having for construction, pneumatic elevators require less maintenance due to fewer mechanical parts. This will also be an attractive selling point to prospective home buyers. The amount of electricity used and paid for will be much less as well, because it needs very little to propel the car up, and none to bring it back down.

Finally, the cost of the elevator eventually pays for itself in the frequent use you will get out of it, but also in how you will be able to add it to the price of your house when you sell it. The latest craze to hit home ownership in the last several years is not just a marketing fad which will lose its usefulness in a short amount of time, but vacuum elevators are decorative, functional, and a wise investment in your future.

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